Who Qudos is for

Qudos aims to provide clients with a ride-hailing service they can trust.


Suburban Dweller - Working Mother

Amy lives outside of the city in the suburbs. Her life is filled with family, work and social time, not to mention her to-do list. Amidst her busy schedule, transportation to and from places is one thing she wishes were not an issue.

• A service she can trust

• Service must be able to pick her up at her home or help her complete her to-do list

• Pre-scheduled rides

• Special events

• Inclusivity to transportation options


Businessman - Finance/Marketing

James has a car of his own but frequently travels for work. When he's out of town, he doesn't want to worry about a car — he just wants to get to where he needs to be.

• Reliability of rides

• Efficient pickup times

• Pre-schedule

• Familiarity of drivers

• Efficient use of time

• Multiple destinations

• Convenience of errands along the way

Robinson Family

Tourist - Business Owners

It's the first time of the Robinsons to be in New York City. They want to go to the best spots in the city in their short vacation to make the most out of it. Transportation should be the least they should worry about.

• Driver they trust

• No vacation time wasted

• Value (saving $$$)

• Less hassle

• Reliable pickup time

• Trust in efficient traveling

• Tour guide advice


Commuter - Business/Data Science

John lives outside Manhattan but commutes into the city for work. On a day-to-day, he doesn't want to worry about having a car while in the city, so ride-hailing and public transportation are his solutions.

• Has a long commute

• Reliable ride day-to-day

• Trustworthy pickup

• Pre-schedule reliability

• Complements his routine

• Familiarity with driver

• Multi-tasking


Elderly - Retired

Donna still wants her freedom but getting around is often frustrating. She doesn't want to have to rely on her family for rides but she doesn't like the unknown of her current transportation options.

• Familiarity of drivers

• Trust with drivers and pickup

• Service that allows her to get around seemlessly

• Ride reassurance

• Pre-schedule drivers

• Familiarity of drivers

• Multiple destinations
(doctor's office, store, office, etc.)