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Keep a list of your favorite and trusted Qudos drivers.

What can you do with QudosFave®

QudosFave is one of Qudos’ main features that allows riders to keep a list of favorite drivers and book a ride with them again anytime.

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Search from a community list of QudosFave drivers and book a ride with them based on your preferences.

Add icon

After a satisfied ride-hailing experience. You can add your driver in your own list of QudosFave drivers.

Book icon

You can book a ride again with a favorite driver and always have that ride-hailing experience you want.

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Access QudosFave®

Tap the QudosFave icon at the bottom right of your screen. After that, you should see the QudosFaves pop-up menu appear on your screen.

Find drivers

You can search for drivers by name, language, and zip code. You can also filter the results by tapping the filter button.

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Add drivers

Tap the More Options button beside the driver’s name. Tap Add and then tap Yes to add that driver to your QudosFave list.