Frequently Asked Questions


Qudos is a new ride-hailing platform that allows riders and drivers to personalize and take control of their riding experience.

Drivers earn 80% of commission.

Qudos is designed to be an additional source of income. You can continue to use other ride-hailing apps while keeping your Qudos app open in the background. You will get a text message telling you when you have a ride request. This way, you will never miss a ride from Qudos.

QudosFave enables riders to save their favorite drivers for future rides. With QudosFave, drivers can ride again with loyal clients.

As a QudosFave driver, you can maximize your earnings by getting scheduled rides or specifically requested rides on top of rides from other apps.

When using the Qudos App, the rider can:

  • Tap on the Qudos menu icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Go to QudosFave driver.
  • Go to "Explore".
  • Search the name of the driver.
  • Tap on the three dots to the right of their name.
  • Tap "Add".
  • Upon ride completion, a ride rating will appear. As long as the rider gives you an excellent rating, an automatic option to add you as their QudosFave driver will appear.

    Riders can set their drop-off location, tap on the “Favorite Drivers” option, and choose from their list of saved drivers.

    This feature allows riders to book their ride in advance. Riders can select the date and time, and request specifically for you to drive them as early as an hour or up to six days ahead of time. QudosSchedule also allows drivers to maintain a consistent schedule of rides as well as keep track of upcoming rides.

    Car VIP allows riders the option to request a premium ride-hailing experience.

    If the Luxury option of the app is turned on, you will only get customers requesting a Luxury vehicle. If the Luxury option is turned off, you will only get requests for Luxury and QS rides.

    If the Grande option of the app is turned on, you will only get customers requesting a Grande vehicle. If the Grande option is turned off, you will get requests for every car type.

    QudosList is a social network for riders and drivers to connect. As a driver, you can use QudosList to market yourself and build your loyal clientele. Riders can also network with one another to find drivers.

    Qudos works on a Monday to Sunday weekly billing schedule. Payments are credited to your account the following Thursday.

    Stripe is a third-party system that Qudos uses to process payments. Stripe takes approximately 2.9% as a processing fee from Qudos prior to dividing the fare between Qudos and drivers. Therefore, you may see Stripe on your bank statement, rather than Qudos.

    All bonuses, discounts, payouts, and cashbacks, if applicable, are computed after the Monday to Sunday billing schedule. Bonuses will be reflected on the Thursday prior to receiving your payments.

    Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm