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Always The Ride You Want®

Qudos is the only ride-hailing app that connects riders to drivers that are worth keeping and can request these favorite drivers – again and again.

Why Qudos


Avoid long taxi lines and book your ride in advance with QudosSchedule. Through this feature, riders can schedule a ride as early as an hour or up to 6 days ahead of their trip.

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QudosFave enables you to save you to save your favorite drivers for future rides. Riders can keep a list of favorite drivers and schedule rides ahead of time.

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The only ride-hailing app that connects riders and drivers to create a customized riding experience. Riders can network with one another to find drivers, and can connect to drivers based on preferences.

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What Makes Qudos Different

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Trust and knowledge! Those everyday, regular and routine human interactions create an unspoken bond of friendship and mutuality. That is precisely what is at the heart of Qudos and its platform.

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To Qudos, ride-hailing is more than just sharing a ride. It’s an interaction, a conversation, an avenue to create an experience. Great service experience leads to a relationship that’s built on trust and tailored to each person’s unique needs and preferences.

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Relevant and in-tune with both consumers and drivers, Qudos pioneers technology to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry by emphasizing noteworthy services and comfort over slick algorithms, today and down the road.