Ride with your Favorite™

Qudos is the only ride-hailing app that connects riders to drivers that are worth keeping and can request these favorite drivers – again and again.

Get to know QudosFave™

Expectation met every ride you make.

Qudos is providing excellent experience with expectations met each and every ride. When riders and drivers get to know each other, every ride becomes a better experience when it’s your favorite.

Start driving to connect and build a steady base of loyal and amazing clientele.

Rider will enjoy truly curated and highly personalized ride experience within your fingertips.

Ride with Qudos

Qudos does not end with a rating!

The quality of your experience should not be reduced to a random number. That’s why our rating system goes beyond five stars.

Instead, our feedback focuses on how the experience makes you feel. Rider and drivers will finally experience a socially friendly and safe platform.

Qudos is the evolution of ride-hailing.

Qudos is more than a technological achievement. Qudos is all about trust and building these personal relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a big city like New York or a suburb in Long Island, we want to give our riders and drivers a sense of community.

This is a technology platform that personalized ride-hailing service within your terms and time, a flexibility that truly represents our riders and drivers.

Get to know QudosFave™

Qudos, simply your go-to ride-hailing service!

There's nothing like the feeling of being a regular; when you're greeted with a smile, when the barista has your coffee made before you get to the front of the line or when the waitress knows your order before you even say a word.

These are your go-to places, because it’s these people who help us feel like we belong. These relationships make your part of the world feel a closer knit. And now, there’s a ride-hailing service that can do that too.

What Makes Qudos Different


Trust and knowledge! Those everyday, regular and routine human interactions create an unspoken bond of friendship and mutuality. That is precisely what is at the heart of Qudos and its platform.


To Qudos, ride-hailing is more than just sharing a ride. It’s an interaction, a conversation, an avenue to create an experience. Great service experience leads to a relationship that’s built on trust and tailored to each person’s unique needs and preferences.


Relevant and in-tune with both consumers and drivers, Qudos pioneers technology to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry by emphasizing noteworthy services and comfort over slick algorithms, today and down the road.